July 21st
1:32 PM

Yo, reblog this shit if you dig gettin’ ground on at the club. 

xoxo 4 ever

July 15th
1:01 PM

POZ, 1BlueString Present: Big Footprints - The Big Comp II: 85 Bands, 5$ For Charity



Last year we partnered with Big Footprints for the first iteration of The Big Comp, and it is seriously a pleasure to be teaming up with the organization this year once again for The Big Comp II

Big Footprints is the marriage of musical and artistic communities around the world for the betterment of our environment. 60% of the profits will be going to 1BlueString, a campaign that asks guitarists to replace 1 of their 6 strings with a blue string to symbolize the 1 in 6 men who have survived childhood sexual abuse. The the remaining 40% will be going to The Nature Conservancy for a second year in a row.

We went big last year, but even bigger this year, we mean it. For a minimum of $5 you can download 85 fantastic tracks by 85 different bands with all donations (minus Bandcamp fees) going directly to the charities listed above until July 31st.

What are you waiting for? Check out the artwork and track listing and download the 85 band comp for a minimum of $5 (or more) below!

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Really really happy to be a part of The Big Comp II!!

Some of my favorite bands are on this thing. check it out!

July 11th
1:24 PM


going through damienverrett's youtube page, i forgot that there was peace on earth

2:56 AM

Making music for clubs in hell. #somuchlight

July 9th
7:47 PM


"Can I make you my flagship?

All my eggs in one basket.”

July 4th
3:00 AM

her leitmotif

by mansion closets


her leitmotif by mansion closets

July 2nd
4:44 PM


Light show

Where did all my days and nights go

Tiny screen 

Take me to the nearest girl i might know.

June 24th
2:00 PM

Light show 

Where did all my days and nights go

Tiny screen,

Take to me to the nearest girl I might know

12:12 PM

My new EP, “Summoner”, came out today!

I hope y’all enjoy it!